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I know a lot of you are religious, and I get it. I used to be too. I grew up going to a Catholic school, went to church, all that. Things changed though. Richard Dawkins opened my mind to a different way of thinking. Science has opened it as well.

I read, almost daily, of a child or person suffering from one type of illness or other. Babies born with congenial heart defects who endure surgeries, hospitals and sometimes don't make it. It baffles me when people say things like "oh, it's Gods' will" or similar things. Gods will is to allow an innocent baby to suffer? Wow.

Today I read a comment by a mother who's little boy needed a heart transplant. He was put on the list one day and the next day he got a heart. The mother commented "our god is so merciful". Merciful? Someone DIED so that baby could have a heart. That wasn't god, that was just the way life goes. A god who chose that one life was worth more than another? No thank you. I was speechless when I read that.

To each his own, I know. I don't and will never understand some people.

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Date: 2012-10-10 08:11 pm (UTC)
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Your comment totally reminds me of Crazy Blog Lady (aka "Mckmama") and her little speech a few years ago (to a room with many mothers who lost children to various sicknesses) about how her "miracle boy" was healed because he was "the most prayed for baby". Seriously, Jennifer McKinney, fuck right the hell off.


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